Portuguese chouriço..nhamy!

     The chouriço or chouriça are the traditional portuguese sausages made of pork, fat and otras cositas mas. The spices that made the taste soo good varies by region and producer of this traditional portuguese food. When the sausages are filled up, they are then hung in the smokehouse individually, when they get ready they have the shape of a horseshoe. The casings can be natural or synthetic, made of natural source materials.      Alexandre Dumas, in his book, Grand dictionnaire de cuisine from 1850, says: "the chouriço pork has, in any case, all the bad qualities of that animal, and the way is prepared makes it even more indigestible."(lol). We highly disagree with this genius writer. Actually we recommend you to try. The best is to grill in ceramic pots. History     … Continue reading Portuguese chouriço..nhamy!