15 Portuguese “World Heritage” sites

1º Cultural Landscape of Sintra In the 19th century Sintra became the first centre of European Romantic architecture. Ferdinand II turned a ruined monastery into a castle where this new sensitivity was displayed in the use of Gothic, Egyptian, Moorish and Renaissance elements and in the creation of a park blending local and exotic species … Continue reading 15 Portuguese “World Heritage” sites

How much cost a taxi in Lisbon?

taxi lisboa

Getting a taxi in a new city is one of the biggest challenges of a backpacker, well, maybe we are over dramatic here, but the true is, we never know if we can trust them. That is the reason that apps as Uber has grown soo fast around the globe, because you don't have to … Continue reading How much cost a taxi in Lisbon?

Paradise beach close to Lisbon!

Serra da Arrabida

Are you staying in Lisbon for a couple of days this summer and really want to avoid those crowded beaches? We may can help!!!! On this summer we will start going to SERRA DA ARRABIDA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZZ6CIHg4wI   Located next to the sea, between Setúbal and the fishing town of Sesimbra, Arrábida Natural Park has incomparable … Continue reading Paradise beach close to Lisbon!

Reading tips: Novels set in Lisbon

Lisbon books

The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon by Richard Zimler Essentially a murder mystery story that takes place in 1506, this seething drama is set against a backdrop of Christian against Jew. As Christianity sweeps Portugal, the Jews continue to practice their faith in secret whilst atrocities occur all around them. The narrator of the novel is … Continue reading Reading tips: Novels set in Lisbon

The legend of São Martinho and the return of summer in Portugal

Every year is (almost) always the same. Come the first days of November, autumn is suspended, summer returns. We've all become used to these weather daydreams and actually not even care much about them. It is pleasant to feel those sunbeams that was already fading. It is the summer of Saint Martin, the warm period in the middle of November, that comes … Continue reading The legend of São Martinho and the return of summer in Portugal

Is the bridge in Lisbon a copy of the Golden Bridge?

People ask us all the time if the bridge 25 de Abril is the same as the Golden Bridge in San Francisco. And because in Lisbon there is a monument, Cristo-Rei, that is similar to Cristo Redentor of Rio de Janeiro, we don´t feel that those questions are nonsense. Can you guess which one is … Continue reading Is the bridge in Lisbon a copy of the Golden Bridge?