How much cost a taxi in Lisbon?

Getting a taxi in a new city is one of the biggest challenges of a backpacker, well, maybe we are over dramatic here, but the true is, we never know if we can trust them.

That is the reason that apps as Uber has grown soo fast around the globe, because you don’t have to trust them, you just check yourself the route on your phone.

In Lisbon you can always catch the metro on your arrival to city center but if you are super tired, over packed (you shouldn’t), you maybe wanna treat yourself with a cab and enjoy the view of the city around you.

taxi in airport of lisbon
taxi in airport of lisbon

First tip we give you, always try to research a little about the area and the route you are going to stay. Getting inside a cab and talking about the location you are going and giving the details of the surroundings can make him thinking that you have being here before and he may think twice before trying to trick you. Like: “Oh we are going to staying in Travellers House Hostel, we know that you can’t stop in Rua Augusta so is OK if you let us in Rua dos Sapateiros with Sao Nicolau , you know ? That one there is an arch after the rossio square?”.

Second tip. There is no such thing as fix price. First thing you check when he start to move. Did he turn on the taxímetro ? Check below. This machine will tell the price!


Third tip. After all that if the taxidriver still over charge you, check if around there is a police man, if there is not, our tip is, pay it, and don’t let this ruin your trip. Remember you just arrived in one of the most amazing cities in Europe and is not a greedy stressed taxidriver that is gonna ruin it! And is not all the taxidrivers that trick people.

Last Tip: Ask us for Airport shuttle 🙂

Here is a link for simulate  taxi rides!

Hope we helped!