Paradise beach close to Lisbon!

Are you staying in Lisbon for a couple of days this summer and really want to avoid those crowded beaches?

Praia da Conceição em Cascais

We may can help!!!!

On this summer we will start going to SERRA DA ARRABIDA.


Serra da Arrabida
Serra da Arrabida

Located next to the sea, between Setúbal and the fishing town of Sesimbra, Arrábida Natural Park has incomparable natural beauty, where the blue of the sea alternates with the white tones of the chalk cliffs and the depths of the green vegetation that covers the mountain range.

We will stop for a swim in Portinho da Arrabida. This beach is deemed one of the prettiest in all of Portugal. Its fine white sands and the various tones of blue of these clear waters contrast with the deep greens of the hills to create a beautiful scenario that is perfect for contemplative relaxation.

This calm bay is good for diving to enjoy the diverse marine life although fishing itself is forbidden given that the seabed itself is included in the Natural Park’s protected area.


Portinho da Arrabida
Portinho da Arrabida

After we will head to Setubal to had lunch. In the beginning of the 20th century, Setúbal was the most important center of Portugal’s fishing industry, particularly sardines. None of the many factories then created are operating today. However, the existing maritime ports, either traditional, commercial and the new marines, keep the city links to the ocean and water well alive and vibrant.


Setubal is famous for a marvelous seafood dish “Choco Frito” (fried cuttlefish). A perfect way to finish the day with nice food and a a bottle of wine!

fried cuttlefish
fried cuttlefish

Let us know if you want to join us!

Important Information

Our tours starts at 9:30am everyday and continues until around 5pm (depending on the traffic).

Price €40 per person
This amount doesn’t cover lunch.


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In the future we’ll be covering more locations, or if you want a custom tour, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than glad to discuss all the options.