Top 3 Portuguese food for lunch/dinner

We have to start saying IM SORRY. This list is extremely hard to make and to decide what to recommend, but we have to do a list to help, specially those travelers that doesn’t have too much time here. Of course you can send us recommendations about other dishes you liked and ask us about where to have it!


1 – Cozido à portuguesa

Portuguese food
Cozido á Portuguesa

A traditional stew for meat lovers, this dish includes chicken, beef, pork and different pork sausages. This abundant meat festival also has some vegetables such as boiled carrots, kale and beans. The water used to cook all these ingredients becomes a nutritious broth that you can drink or use to cook rice. It is a heavy meal soo we don’t recommend to eat during a day trip to Sintra for example.


2 – Carne de Porco Alentejana

Portuguese food

    Pork with clams

Pork meat Alentejo style or pork with clams is a typical dish of the cuisine of Portugal, more specifically in Algarve region. The first name is the most common throughout Portugal, the second being the name used in the Alentejo itself. The people from Algarve named the dish to indicate that the meat used was pork from the Alentejo (with a tastier meat because the pork was fed with cork oak), and not with pork from the Algarve, which were fed with fish leftovers.

It is prepared with clams, pork, paprika, bay leaf, wine and garlic, among other possible seasonings. The meat is fried and served mixed with the already cooked clams. The final dish can still be sprinkled with coriander, accompanied by fried potatoes in cubes and lemon.

It is one of the most famous dishes of Portuguese gastronomy, being possible to find it in restaurants throughout the country. Évora, in Alentejo is full of nice restaurants to eat this amazing dish.


3 – Arroz de Pato

DUck rice
Arroz de pato

Nothing more, nothing less than a duck risotto with a crispy topping, covered with slices of chorizo. Before going to the oven, the duck is cooked until it is as tender as possible, soft when it reaches the mouth. With a glass of red wine, it is certainly an otherworldly experience.


We will keep posting more amazing dishes on this blog. Now go for it and let us know what did you think about it?