Food: 3 entrée you should have in Portugal

When comes to food, Portugal is a place that makes you confused. Not because you can’t “understand” what is on your plate but because the thousands of choices that makes your hunger even bigger!

Us, from The Lisboetas, want to give you some tips about what to order. We will first give you some tips of what to start (entrée) and then main course and finish with desert!

Let us know what do you think, if you agree and if you suggest something else!

Bom Apetite!


1 – Amêijoas (clamps) a bulhão pato

Amêijoas a bulhão pato
Amêijoas a bulhão pato

This delicious dish is very taste and easy to cook you can heck the recipe here. Basically is clamps cooked with lemon juice, garlic and salt. If we can give a tip, put some portuguese white wine in the middle to make even more tasty! We love it with a cold beer.


2 – Salada de polvo (octopus salad)

Octopus salad
salada de polvo

Some people don’t like sea food, we don’t like either…we LOVE it. This salad is a perfect starter because is not heavy and is very, let’s say, exotic, peculiar taste. Octopus is a dish that not everybody knows how to make it, can be very chewy. But over the centuries, the portuguese cusine, mastered it.


3 –  Pastéis de bacalhau (bacalhau cake)

Pastéis de bacalhau
Bacalhau cake

First thing that comes to mind of people when they think about portuguese food is: SALTY COD FISH (bacalhau). True is, we eat that in more than thousand ways. Fried, cooked, in the oven and as a “cake”, salty cake. This little ones must be appreciated with lemon and again cold beer…or wine!

Appreciate it without moderation…