Why you should visit Cabo da Roca

             Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of the european continent. The Romans called it “Promontorium Rocca” (Promontory of the Rock). The romans occupied Portugal for long time and this spot marks one of the extremes of the huge empire. Cabo da Roca was the most advanced point of their vast empire. Some historian founded that this was a place that the Lusitanos would go to worship the moon god “Cintya“. Some scholars think that the name of the village of Sintra comes from this goddess, “Cintya“.

Cabo da Roca

Camões, the portuguese poet, in his epic book “Os Lusíadas” (which we will make a post about it in the future) said that Roca is the top of the top of the head of Europe, “a place where the earth ends and the sea begins”.

Cabo da Roca is a place to go and think how the human knowledge is limited and how is important to always go further and look further. Roca was the end of the humans world, after that was the unknown (they believed the Earth was flat they feared falling off). Now, we look to the stars and wonder what is there, further, as Camões and his contemporaries did in Cabo da Roca.

End of the world of medieval times

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