Where to watch the sunrise in Lisbon area?

Is new years eve and a lot of people asks us about a nice place to watch the first sunrise of the new year. Lisbon is full of hidden viewpoints and the sunset is always visible from mostly of them, but for sunset can be a little more tricky.

We selected 3 places that we like the most to watch the first the sun rises!

1: Alfama (Miradouro das Portas do Sol)

The name of this viewpoint is already very suggestive (Sun doors viewpoint). After the sunrise you can go for a stroll in Alfama and have breakfast in one of hundreds local coffee shops or tascas. 

Sunrise Portas do SOL
Sunrise Portas do SOL

2: Belem

One of the most famous locations in Lisbon for its monuments as the Monastery, Belem Tower and of course the pastry Pastel de Belem is our second pick for the sunrise. Is incredible  to watch the sunrise with the Padrão dos Descobrimentos at front of you.

Sunrise Belem


3: Parque das Nações

Our most modern area with buildings, constructions from famous portuguese architects and engineerings is as well a good choice to watch the sunrise. After you can visit the Oceanario and have lunch close to the water.

Sunrise Parque das Nações
Sunrise Parque das Nações