TOP 3 hidden beaches around Lisbon!!!

Is summer time. Everybody is on holidays (not everybody, we still working hard, but well,being around Lisbon is not that bad), you want to go to the beach and once you get there fyoufound yourself around millions of people and is super hard to get a sand spot to lay down and get some vitamin D.

The Cascais Line is full of beaches. Some tiny some big but still busy. It is  easy to get there, soo is normal to be the most popular around the city. But there is some special spots that just the locals know how to get and some other beaches that is just by car.

Here are some recomendations about beautifull beaches that is not soo crowded and are very beautifull. Normally takes around 1h-1:30h driving from Lisbon

*Not soo easy to get by public transportation. Ask us about day trips.

  1. Lagoa de Albufeira


Praia da Lagoa de Albufeira is located in the municipality of Sesimbra, in the parish of Castelo (Sesimbra).  Consists of three lakes: the Grande , the Pequena and the Estacada. With 15 meters maximum depth, the Lagoa de Albufeira is considered the deepest of Portugal. Surrounded by pine forests in almost all the perimeter, it has small beaches along the sea and on the north bank.


It has excellent conditions for sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and canoeing. The beach is very popular for surfing and bodyboarding.

         2. Tróia


The beach has a large expanse of sand, has some infrastructure such as wooden walkways and umbrellas.

From there, you can contemplate the beauty of Arrábida and the surrounding dunes.
For the most attentive, but above all for the luckiest, has the possibility of seeing the cute dolphins playing around, specially in the afternoon.

3. Praia Cavalo do Ribeiro

Is absolutly gorgeous beach and like everything in life, the good things are hard to get. Is a little hard work, require driving (or bus) to Sesimbra then walk a litle bit and then climbing. For those that like adventure is definately a good option.

The beach is not super big and mix sand with rocks. The walk through the bushes can be confusing because is full of little tracks, but we thought that being lost was part of the fun. And once you get there definitely worth it.

Bring a lot of water and snacks because there is no bars, restaurant  or lifeguards. And most important don’t let your rubbish behind.