Pastel de Bélem or Pastel de Nata. Is that even a choice?

Travelers always ask us : “Where can we find the best Pastel de Bélem in town?”

For those who knows what is about the famous Pastéis of Portugal must think is a dumb question…but it is not!!!

The thing is, there is Pastel de Nata and Pastel de Belém…the same thing..but not…complicated isn’t?


The Pastéis de Belém is one of the most famous and old specialities of Portugal. The history starts in Belem in 1837 by the hands of the clerics of Jeronimos Monastery, real kitchen masters.

Since then the custard tarts, freshly baked, became a snack required for those visiting the region and became known as Pastel de Belém. Currently, in any coffee in the country you can find Pastéis de Nata; however, just in Belém, stored under locks and key by confectioners masters, is the original recipe. 

pastel de nata fabrica

The Pastel de Belem shop is alwasy busy with tourists and locals outisde. If I can recomend something: DONT QUEUE OUTSIDE. Go inside and try to get a place to sit, it may have another queue but is better because the shop by itself is just amazing decorated.

You should have a Pastel de Belem and a Pastel de Nata somewhere like in Confeitaria Nacional ou Mantegaria and see for yourself if Pastel de Bélem it is the best or if the Pastéis de Nata are just all the same… (which is definately not).

Enjoy with cinamon and coffe!

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